one volunteer is worth two pressed men

one volunteer is worth two pressed men
Pressed men were those who were forced into military service.

1705 T. HEARNE Journal 31 Oct. in Remarks & Collections (1885) I. 62 ’Tis sd my Ld Seymour presently after Mr. Smith was pronounc’d Speaker, rose up, and told them, Gentlemen; you have got a Low Church man; but pray remember that 100 Voluntiers are better than 200 press’d men.

1834 MARRYAT Jacob Faithful I. xiii. ‘Shall I give you a song?’ ‘That’s right, Tom; a volunteer’s worth two pressed men.’

1837 F. CHAMIER Arethusa I. iii. Don’t fancy you will be detained against your will; one volunteer is worth two pressed men.

1897 R. KIPLING Captains Courageous x. He presumed Harvey might need a body-servant some day or other, and..was sure that one volunteer was worth five hirelings.

1979 M. M. KAYE Shadow of Moon (rev. ed.) iv. The Earl could not be persuaded to send her away... In any case, said the Earl, Winter would need a personal maid, and in his opinion one volunteer was worth three pressed men.

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